Basic Web Designing and Development Course

COURSE OBJECTIVE: The course objective is to teach the basic web development skills to candidate practically. INTRODUCTION: The basic web designing course covers from basic HTML definitions to different types of websites. This course offers basic website builders information regarding the foundation of HTML basics and the difference between using HTML to design your website(…)

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah Message

Message to the All Pakistan Educational Conference at Karachi from Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. 27 November 1947. “I welcome you all to the Capital of Pakistan and wish you success in your deliberations, which I hope will bear fruit and practical results. You know the importance of education and the right type of education cannot be overemphasized. Under foreign rule(…)

Our Website Packages

We Don’t Just Build Websites, We Build Your Business Key Features Plan–1 Plan–2 Plan–3 Ultimate Disk space 1000 MB 2000 MB 3000 MB Unlimited Data transfer (monthly) 10 GB 20 GB 50 GB Unlimited Databases 1 MySQL 2 MySQL 3 MySQL Unlimited Domain features Domain .com .net .us .com .net .us .com .net .us .com(…)

Mobile Repairing

Our Training Programs

Basic Computer Course  (2 Months) Introduction to computer Windows xp Typing MS Word MS PowerPoint Internet & Email Installation / Troubleshooting Office Management Course  (3 Months) Windows XP Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Inpage Urdu Internet & Email Typing Skills Devices (Printer, Scanner & CD-Write) Installation / Troubleshooting Auto Cad / 3D Studio Max (2(…)

About English Language and IELTS

You want to SPEAK English.   Instead, with ESL / EFL lessons, you write sentences. You memorize rules of English grammar. You spell English words. You spend many hours “studying” English, but you are discouraged because you cannot SPEAK English. Our Institute can change your discouragement into success. When you study English for an hour(…)